value 2

Establish Values with

Raw Sienna/French Ultramine Underpainting



Add Color



Refine and Add Details


The Commision Process for Portraits

1. After discussion, an agreement is signed specifying the number of subjects, the size of the painting, the type of background and of course the price. A deposit of 50% is required on signing.

2. An appointment is arranged, to visit you to plan the portrait, settling details such as:

a. Clothing

b. Setting

c. Location of completed painting

d. General colors

e. Composition

d. Mood

3. Another appointment will then be arranged to take photographs for the portrait

4. After spending some time on composition and preliminary sketches, a follow-up meeting will be held to agree the final form of the portrait.

5. Completion of the portrait can take up to 2 months. Changes can be made if required, within reason. Framing can also be arranged for an additional charge.

6. Final payment is made on delivery of the completed portrait.

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